Cut flower

Cut flower stems have a short lifespan and this causes many problems in their maintenance and distribution. The preservatives used in the market are in solution, which makes transportation difficult. Also, these preservatives have a limited stability as a solution. The made hydrogels are placed in containers containing cut flower stems and water is added to them.

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Since the potted life of cut flowers or in other words the longevity of cut flowers is one of the most important quality factors, the long life of these flowers depends on consumer demand and flower value. Adding chemical preservatives to the preservative is recommended to increase pot life and delay aging. All preservatives usually contain two ingredients, sugar and antimicrobials. Sugars form the respiratory tract, while microbes control the growth of bacteria and prevent the adhesion of conductive tissues. Therefore, using pot enhancement techniques will be a great asset for growers and users. Hydrogels are remarkable for a variety of industrial and biological studies because of their porous, hydrophilic three-dimensional networks that can swell in the aqueous environment. On the other hand, hydrogels have been widely suggested to use the swelling and release properties of water to improve plant access to water.



Supply of sugar and minerals needed for pots


High water absorption


Increase the life of the pot

how it works

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Fill half the container with water

Put 3 grams of product in each pot

Put the flower branches in the pot

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